Makeup Lessons


Beauty Basics 

The art of Makeup is about expressing yourself through the world of color with the emotions you feel.  This workshop is designed to help build your confidence in doing so by teaching you easy personalized techniques and tools needed to do effortless makeup.

90 mins / $150

best for:

  • Updating your Makeup Routine

  • Unsure of what tools and techniques are best for you.



Subtle Beauty

A workshop dedicated to the non-makeup artist, whom wants to learn essential makeup.  This workshop will teach you how to create a flawless foundation, how to choose and apply color, and how to work with makeup brushes.

 60 mins / $100

best for:

  • New to Makeup

  • Learn the basic traditional techniques

  • Unsure of what tools and techniques are best for you.



New to makeup? This workshop is built just for you, as it will teach you all the basic makeup tips and techniques, helping you find your personal style.

60mins/ $90

90mins/ $110


Learn to look and feel your best, whether you're in your 40's, 50's, 60's or beyond.  I'll share the best makeup and skincare tips for each decade- plus I'll show you how to create your best look yet!   

90 mins/ $150  



Transforming your makeup routine from clutter to focus. 

Updating your makeup routine is as important as buying your new summer bikini.  Every season we must invest the time in changing up our look and its important to know how to do that in a effective way that won't consume too many of our precious resources.  

This workshop is created to organize, edit, and update your makeup routine to your personal style.  By providing you with the custom techniques from your already purchased makeup.


  • Update your Makeup Bag

  • All women who have yet to discover what wonders make-up can do

  • In the market for new products but don't want to buy unnecessary items

  • Wanting a new change in your makeup wardrobe

90mins/ $150

120mins/ $190

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Crafted for all professionals to help build a consistent and professional image. 

You have perfected the art of serving. You understand your clients and have met your clients’ expectations or have even gone beyond the call of service.

Let's complete the service package by helping you exude professionalism and pleasant disposition through the art of make-up.


  • Professionals who want to portray a consistent and professional image.

  • Performer needing more in depth skills in the art of makeup

  • Industry worker wanting to look their best at all times

90mins/ $170

120mins/ $200

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Bridal Beauty

For those wanting a more comprehensive workshop and to boost confidence in your Bridal Beauty.  You'll learn about how to achieve an easy, beautiful bridal make-up look that you can replicate yourself without worrying about how you'll look in daylight or under flash photography, and how to make it last from aisle to the dance floor.  We will also complete a Bridal Face Chart to help guide you on the day and product and tool recommendations.  

 120mins/ $250

Beyond Basics

Advance your skills in makeup by learning more from the basics you've already mastered by taking it to the next step.  The ability to create perfect eyeliner, flawless lips, great skin, and clean brows is essential to an artist's success.  We will go over techniques on how to create the best smokey eyes, eye liner in depth techniques, cheek sculpting, creating a bold lip, perfecting that foundation and many more tips and techniques.  


90mins/ $200

120mins/ $250